The Other Failures

Avro Tutor K3422

On Greenhill in the northern Pennines I was using a grid ref from HGWR to try and locate this one but failed to find any sign of it. I have since found out the engine and other parts were recovered prior to my visit by a Museum Group.

Avro Anson N5094

One I looked for back in the 1990's on one of my many expeditions up the Cheviot. The Anson apparently landed intact and was recovered to fly again, so there wasn't going to be any sign of a crash, add that to the fact that the grid ref I had from HGWR was well out, it didn't crash on Cheviot but on Loft Hill near Alwinton so I didn't really stand much chance of finding anything where I looked!

Hawker Sea Hawk WV845

One I looked for while on a caravaning holiday in the North East of Scotland back in 2001, the location I had from HGWR was I believe correct but there was only small pieces remaining and I missed them in the heather.-Found it in 2018.

Vickers Wellington R1093

A combination of the HGRW grid ref being about half a mile out and some very strong winds on the top of the hill caused me to walk right past this one without spotting it, although in my defence it was further down the hill from where I was and not where I was expecting it to be.-Found it in 2018

Fairy Barracuda PM870

I don't quite know how I managed to miss this one as there's some rather large chunks lying on the hillside. I've seen photos on the interweb of the crashsite and it is right in the area I was searching, so when I get the chance of a return visit I'd best take my glasses!-Found it in 2018.

Boulton Paul Defiant N1679

Hours spent scratching round in a plantation only to find out later that it crashed miles away from the grid reference I had from HGWR.

Unknown Crashsite on Limestone Knowe

My plan on this day had been to walk over to Peel Fell from Carter Bar to check out a Hurricane crashsite on there. On the way I planned on having a look for a wreck listed as unknown in HGWR. I didn't find it and was chased back to the car by some nasty weather, so didn't reach the Hurricane either.

HGWR=High Ground Wrecks and Relics.