A list of all the wrecksites I have visited and found something.
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Airspeed Consul TF-RPM (Broadhead Cleugh)

Airspeed Oxford DF448 (Shank of Donald Young)

Airspeed Oxford N6438 (Meluncart)

Airspeed Oxford HM724 (Braeriach)

Airspeed Oxford PH311 (Cairn Trench)

Airspeed Oxford V3910 (Maol an Taillier)

Airspeed Oxford N4735 (Glen Latterach)

Airspeed Oxford LX518 (Broadhead Cleugh Head)

Airspeed Oxford T1287 (Shalloch an Minnoch)

Airspeed Oxford LW903 (Urra Moor)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley (Scotland)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley LA792 (nr Aviemore)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P5009 (Loch Enoch)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley BD295 (Cawdor)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P5041 (Beinn na Lice)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P5070 (East Scaraben)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley BD678 (Ben Hutig)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley LA877 (Meallan Odhair)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley N1498 (Carn a Choire Moire)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P5006 (Ben Aigen)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Z6933 (Finalty Hill)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P4952 (Mesling Crags)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley T4171 (Round Hill)

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley T4138 (Black Hambleton)

Auster Workmaster G-APMJ (Craignairny)

Avro Anson EG686 (Swirl how)

Avro Anson N9589 (Clints of the spout)

Avro Anson N9589 (Above the Spout of the Clints)

Avro Anson W2630 (Clints of the spout)

Avro Anson EG693 (Craigronald)

Avro Anson MG827 (Criffel)

Avro Anson L7949 (Lairdside hill)

Avro Anson DJ106 (Ben mcdui)

Avro Anson DG787 (Corserine)

Avro Anson EG485 (Cairnsmore of Fleet)

Avro Anson L9153 (Corserine)

Avro Anson K6255 (Cauldron Hill)

Avro Anson DJ453 (Cross Fell)

Avro Anson K6320 (Whittliemuir Dam)

Avro Anson  R9583 (Scotland)

Avro Anson MG356 (Bennanbrack)

Avro Anson DJ472 (Caisteal Abhail)

Avro Anson N9853 (Kinder Scout/Edale Moor)

Avro Anson N9857 (Imir Fada/Ben More Assynt)

Avro Anson N5140 (Cairnsmore of Fleet)

Avro Anson N5064 (Gallow Hill)

Avro Anson EF820 (A' Chruach)

Avro Anson N5297 (Shalloch an Minnoch)

Avro Anson DJ275 (Scafell)

Avro Lancaster KB745 (Cheviot)

Avro Lancaster TX264 (Beinn Eighe)

Avro Lancaster TX264 (Beinn Eighe)2020 visit.

Avro Lancaster ED481 (Hawnby Hill)

Avro Lancaster PD259 (Carn Icean Duibhe)

Avro Lancaster PD259 (Carn Icean Duibhe)(2nd visit)

Avro Lancaster PB456 (Conic Hill)

Avro Lancaster KB993 (Jame's Thorn)

Avro Lancaster PA411 (Tintwhistle Knarr)

Avro Lancaster ME729 (Black Rocks)

Avro Lancaster NF963 (Ellingstring)

Avro Shackleton WB833 (Glenmanuilt Hill)

Avro Shackleton XF702 (Creag Bhan)

Avro Vulcan XH477 (Hill of St Colm)

Blackburn Botha L6478 (Dirnow Loch)

Blackburn Botha W5103 (Bleaklow)

Blackburn Botha L6416 (Beldoo Hill)

Blackburn Buccaneer XN961 (Beinn Mhealaich)

Boeing B-17 44-6504 (Braydon crag)

Boeing B-17 42-97286 (Beinn Nuis)

Boeing B-17 FL455 (Moors Nr Loch Rangag)

Boeing B-17 44-83325 (Beinn Edra)

Boeing B-17 44-8683 (Great Whernside)

Boeing B-17 43-37667 (Meltham Moor)

Boeing B-29 44-62276 (Succoth Glen)

Boeing KB-29p 44-83950 (nr Carsphairn)

Boeing B29 44-61999 (Shelf Moor)

Boeing Chinook ZD576 (Above Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse)

Boulton Paul Defiant T4042 (Hunt Law)

Boulton Paul Defiant N3378 (Bleaklow)

Boulton Paul Defiant N1651 (Hawthornthwaite Fell)

Boulton Paul Defiant N1766 (Rowlee Pasture)

Bristol Beaufighter EL457 (Hedgehope Hill)

Bristol Beaufighter JM223 (Croglin Fell)

Bristol Beaufighter LZ455 (Beinn Bhreac)

Bristol Beaufighter LZ156 (Borgadale)

Bristol Beaufighter LZ294 (Moss of Badarclay)

Bristol Beaufighter NE813 (Wester Dod)

Bristol Beaufighter X7588 (Shirlaw Pike)

Bristol Beaufighter R2152 (Urra Moor)

Bristol Beaufort AW242(Hill of Wirren)

Bristol Beaufort L4479 (Goat Fell)

Bristol Beaufort N1180 (Torr Mor)

Bristol Beaufort AW345 (Tannoch)

Bristol Beaufort DX118 (Brownhart Law)

Bristol Blenheim Z7356 (Braeriach)

Bristol Blenheim Z5871 (Emly Bank)

Bristol Blenheim P4848 (Beninner)

Bristol Blenheim V6099 (Elidir Fawr, Wales)

Bristol Blenheim L1476 (Sykes Moor)

Bristol Blenheim L1252 (Staple Moss)

Bristol Blenheim T1863 (Morven)

Bristol Blenheim BA246 (Bleasdale Moor)

Bristol Blenheim V5795 (Hart Fell)

Bristol Blenheim L8729 (Coniser Howl)

Bristol Blenheim V5801 (Milldewan Hill)

Cessna 210L Centurion II PH-EYE (Dunbrach)

Chance Vought Corsair JT461 (Enegars)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator 44-50695 (Goodmans cairn)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-95095 (Fairy lochs)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator KG857 (Hill of Wirren)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator AL624 (Millfore)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-41030 (Beinn Nuis)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator AM261 (Mullach Buidhe)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-52003 (Mill Hill)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator BZ724 (Beinn Mhealaich)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator 41-29369 (Tarskavaig)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator BZ720 (NE Scotland Helmsdale area)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator FL949 (Cuilags)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator  42-100322 (Burn Fell)

Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-94841 (Twizzlehead Moss)

Curtiss Tomahawk AH744 (Red gill moss)

Curtiss Tomahawk AH744 (Red Gill Moss)(2nd visit)

De Havilland Devon VP969 (Box law)

De Havilland Dominie X7400 (Dollar law)

De Havilland Dominie X7394 (Broad Crag)

De Havilland Dragonfly G-AEHC (Darnaw)

De Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC(Kinder Scout/Edale Moor)

De Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AFMF (Simonburn Common)

De Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AERE (Dora's Seat)

De Havilland Mosquito DD753 (The Curr)

De Havilland Mosquito DD795 (Corserine)

De Havilland Mosquito MM244 (Corryfoyness)

De Havilland Mosquito DZ486 (Cranstackie)

De Havilland Mosquito DZ486 (Cranstackie)(2nd visit)

De Havilland Mosquito TA525 (Rowantree Park)

De Havilland Mosquito RL197 (Great Whernside)

De Havilland Mosquito MM551 (Bratley Wood)

De Havilland Mosquito NT266 (Pockley Moor)

De Havilland DH60 Moth G-ACGD (Broadlaw)

De Havilland Tiger Moth G-AKCH (Blairdenon)

De Havilland Vampire VV636 (Bishop Hill)

De Havilland Vampire WA432 (Fennie Law)2015

De Havilland Vampire WA432 (Fennie Law)2016

De Havilland Vampire WA400 (Strines Moor)

De Havilland Sea Vampire XA103 (Ben Klibrech)

De Havilland Venom WR557 (Farlam Currick)

De Havilland Venom WR557 (Farlam Currick)-2016

Dornier Do217 US+DL (Madam Law)

Douglas B-26 88118 (Distinkhorn)

Douglas C54  45-543 (Stake House Fell)

Douglas Dakota K-14 (Carlin's Cairn)

Douglas Dakota K-14 (Carlin's Cairn)2nd visit.

Douglas Dakota G-AMVC (Blotting Raise)

Douglas Dakota KG502 (Cold Fell)

Douglas C-47 G-AMRB (Greenside Hill)

Douglas C-47 42-93038 (Cairngarroch Bay)

Douglas C-47 42-108982 (Jame's Thorn)

Embraer EMB=110P1 Banderainte G-HGGS (Carn a' Choire Odhair)

English Electric Canberra WJ615 (Carn an t-saigart mor)

English Electric Canberra WT531 (Spot a Chuil/Scaraben)

Fairy Albacore BF592 (Mel Fea)

Fairy Albacore N4172 (Whiten Head)

Fairy Albacore N4167 (Choinneachain Hill/Glen Turret)

Fairy Barracuda PM870 (Col-bheinn)

Fairy Barracuda MX691 (NE Scotland Helmsdale area)

Fairy Barracuda MD963 (Close Moss)

Fairy Firefly PP566 (Meickle bin)

Fairy Firefly PP566 (other bits)

Fairy Firefly Z2108 (Lochnagar)

Fairy Firefly DT977 (Blaeloch)

Fairy Firefly MB447 (Spartleton)

Fairy Swordfish u/k (Tolmount)

Fairy Swordfish P4223 (Heydon Head)

General Dynamics F111 68-0803 (Craignaw)

General Dynamics F111 70-2377 (Sgurr na Stri)

General Dynamics F111 72-1447 (Creag Dhonn)

Gloster Meteor WD778 (Knock fell)

Gloster Meteor WD778 (Knock Fell)-2016

Gloster Meteor WA882 (Bennachie)

Gloster Meteor WA791 (Slidden Moss)

Gloster Meteor VZ518 (Slidden Moss)

Gloster Meteor WL336 (Cam Sgriob)

Gloster Meteor VT239 (Philpin Sleights)

Gloster Meteor RA487 (Hagg Side)

Gloster Javelin XA825 (Emly bank)

Gloster Javelin XA825 (other bits)-2017

Gloster Javelin XA662 (East Bolton Moor)

Grumman Martlet AL251 (Ben bhuela)

Grumman Wildcat JV499 (Blackside)

Grumman Wildcat JV404 (Bennan)

Handley Page Halifax DK116 (Glendhu hill)

Handley Page Halifax DK116 (Glendhu hill)-2015

Handley Page Halifax LL505 (Great carrs)

Handley Page Halifax JP190 (Craik Forest)

Handley Page Halifax NR126 (Wether Cairn)

Handley Page Halifax BB310 (Middle Tongue)

Handley Page Halifax HR727 (KInder Scout/Ringing Roger)

Handley Page Halifax DG404 (Heathfield Moor)

Handley Page Halifax DT578 (Great Whernside)

Handley Page Halifax LL414 (Glen Isla)

Handley Page Halifax LK901 (Glenshee)

Handley Page Halifax JB926 (Slipstone Crags)

Handley Page Halifax LK878 (Catcliffe Wood)

Handley Page Halifax  LL178 (Arden Great Moor)

Handley Page Halifax EB181 (Arden Great Moor)

Handley Page Hampden L4063 (Windy gyle)

Handley Page Hampden P2118 (Ben loyal)

Handley Page Heyford K6875 (Kinder Scout/Broadlee Bank)

Hawker Audax K7376 (Hill of edendocher)

Hawker Audax K7473 (Cairn O Mount)

Hawker Fury K8263 (Tipperweir Hill)

Hawker Hart K6482 (Cheviot)

Hawker Hind K6819 (Bishop Hill)

Hawker Hunter XK151 (Keppoch)

Hawker Hunter XK151 (Keppoch)(2nd visit)

Hawker Hunter WT721 (Carn Liath)

Hawker Hunter XG261 (The Scalp)

Hawker Hunter G-BTYL (XL595)(Brusten Croft Ridge)

Hawker Hurricane V7539 (Scar fell)

Hawker Hurricane AG264 (Brim fell)1985

Hawker Hurricane AG264 (Brim Fell)2015

Hawker Hurricane LD564 (Loch doon)

Hawker Hurricane V6860 (The Curr)

Hawker Hurricane W9112 (Lowther Hill)

Hawker Hurricane Z3150 (Peel Fell)

Hawker Hurricane N2522 (Meggrim's Knowe)

Hawker Hurricane AF978 (East Wirren)

Hawker Hurricane PZ851, PZ765, PZ854 (Tintwhistle Knarr)

Hawker Hurricane V6565 (Slightside, Scafell)

Hawker Hurricane V7742 (Slightside, Scafell)

Hawker Hurricane Z5145 (Woods, Westerdale)

Hawker Hurricane Z2801 (Cotherstone Moor)

Hawker Hurricane V6938 (Bawhelps)

Hawker Sea Fury VW590 (Shank of Cornescorn)

Hawker Sea Hawk  WV845 (Creag an Lochain Deirg)

Hawker Sea Hawk WM986 (nr Leonach)

Hawker Sea Hurricane BW855 (Whitefield Hill)

Hawker Sea Hurricane  NF684 (Whitelee Hill)

Hawker Typhoon DN365 (Queenside muir)

Hawker Typhoon DN366 (Faserney)

Hawker Typhoon JR439 (Loch skerrow)

Hawker Typhoon MN572 (Stony Hill)

Hawker Typhoon RB210 (Wandylaw Moor)

Heinkel HE111 SJ+SH (Cairnsmore of Fleet)

Heinkel HE111 H-5 A1+CK (Bluebell Woods)

Junkers Ju-88 3E+HM (Hare hill)

Junkers Ju-88 3E+BH (Linhope Rig)

Junkers Ju-88 4D+EK (Pegal Burn)

Junkers Ju-188 A6+HH (Bracken Nois)

Lockheed Hudson T9432 (Ben Lui)

Lockheed Hudson N7325 (Wild Boar Scar)

Lockheed Hudson AE489 (Glenouther Moor)

Lockheed Hudson AE640 (Feorlan)

Lockheed Hudson T9292 (Socach Hill)

Lockheed Hudson N7310 (Withi Gill)

Lockheed Hudson N7235 (Loch Braden)

Lockheed C60 42-56014 (Beinn Nuis)

Lockheed P38 Lightning 42-67207 (Tintwhistle Knarr)

Lockheed P38 Lightning 42-12905 (Dunsop Fell)

Lockheed P38 Lightning 42-12928 (Baxton Fell)

Lockheed Neptune WX545 (Beinn na Lice)

Martin B26 Marauder 41-34707 (Ben Na Feusaige)

Mcdonnel Douglas F4c Phantom 68-0566 (Cairnsmore of Fleet)

Mcdonnel Douglas Phantom XV477 (Thack Moor)

Miles Martinet MS554 (Pickerstone Ridge)

Miles Master T8684 (Cairn of finglenny)

Miles Master N7761 (Broad Law)

Miles Master AZ333 (Tipperweir)

Miles Master T8614 (Beldoo Hill)

North American Harvard FT401 (Little Knock)

North American F86 Sabre XD707 (Kinder Scout/Black Ashop Moor)

North American F86 Sabre XD730 (Kinder Scout/Black Ashop Moor)

North American F86 Sabre 19349 (Holme Moss)

North American F86 Sabre XD733 (Hood Hill)

North American F100 Super Sabre 55-3671 (Beinn Donachain)

North American F100 Super Sabre 56-2817 (Peter Hill)

North American Mustang AG617 (Troughend)

North American Mustang AP208 (Holdron Moss)

North American P51 Mustang 44-72181 (Castleshaw Moor)

Panavia Tornado ZE982 (Glen kinglass)

Panavia Tornado ZE858 (Stainmore)

Percival Prentice (Kilsyth hills)

Piper Cherokee G-AVYN (Ashfold Gill Head)

Piper Cherokee G-ASEK (Esk Hause)

Republic P47 Thunderbolt 42-75606 (Hartfield Farm)

Sepecat Jaguar XX762 (Beinn a Chleibh)

Sepecat Jaguar XX728 or XX731 (Black Fell)

Sepecat Jaguar XZ359 (Brander Haugh)

Sepecat Jaguar XX732 (Eskdalemuir Forest)

Short Stirling EE972 (Cheviot)

Short Stirling EE975 (Old Cote Moor)

Short Stirling LK488 (Mickle Fell)

Short Stirling LJ628 (Margery Hill)

Short Sunderland W4026 (Cnoc  Duin)

Short Sunderland DP197 (Creag Riabhach)

Supermarine Seafire PR432 (Hill of stake)

Supermarine Seafire SW826 (Glenlatterach Reservoir)

Supermarine Spitfire X4614,AR254 and P8276 (Kings Seat Hill)

Supermarine Spitfire W3244 (Bullhope Law)

Supermarine Spitfire P8587 (Bellyside Hill)

Supermarine Spitfire K9888 (Great Dunn Fell)

Supermarine Spitfire P9320 (Gualann)

Supermarine Spitfire NH700 (Dove Crag)

Supermarine Spitfire R7202 (Darden Rig)

Supermarine Spitfire P8259 (Dunnet Head)

Supermarine Spitfire P8193 (Houxty Wood)

Supermarine Spitfire P8563 (Deadfriars)

Supermarine Spitfire SL611 (Ill Crag)

Supermarine Spitfire R6983 (Bengengie)

Supermarine Spitfire SM278 (Black Hambleton)

Supermarine Walrus W3023 (Choinneachain Hill/Glen Turret)

Spartan Cruiser G-ACYK (Hill of Stake)

Vickers Viscount  G-AOHI (Ben More)

Vickers Viking G-AIVE (Irish law)

Vickers Warwick HG136 (Cairn hill)

Vickers Warwick BV512 (Culbin forrest)

Vickers Wellington Z1078 (West hill)

Vickers Wellington L4348 (Loch Strathy)

Vickers Wellington L7845 (Muckle cairn)

Vickers Wellington R1164 (Box law)

Vickers Wellington R1535 (Dunmoor hill)

Vickers Wellington HF816 (An lurg)

Vickers Wellington N2883 (Glen Moriston)

Vickers Wellington T2707 (Glen Affric)

Vickers Wellington T2715 (Dufton Fell)

Vickers Wellington LB137 (Beinn na Lice)

Vickers Wellington W5719 (Kinder Scout/Grindsbrook Clough)

Vickers Wellington X3348(Kinder Scout/Ringing Roger)

Vickers Wellington R1093 (Carn Garbh)

Vickers Wellington X3171 (Comb Fell)

Vickers Wellington R1011 (Birchen Bank Moss)

Vickers Wellington HE226 (Bycliffe)

Vickers Wellington Z8808 (Gouthwaite Moor)

Vickers Wellington DV718 (Riggs Moor)

Vickers Wellington HF746 (Ben Rinnes)

Vickers Wellington R1646 (Carn Aosda)

Vickers Wellington DV810 (Broomhead Moor)

Vickers Wellington BJ778 (Black Intake Moor)

Vought Chesapeake AL941 (Gleann Diomhan)

Westland Wallace K6028 (Bennachie)


Probables (Sites where I had some form of confirmation of being at the right spot but found no wreckage or memorial)(Or found a piece that we couldn't be 100% certain came from the aircraft in question)

Avro Anson N4939

Avro Lancaster ME729 (Black Rocks)*

 Bristol Beaufighter X7588 (Shirlaw Pike)*

Cessna F152 G-BHDR(The Law)

General Dynamics F111 68-0008 (Glenreasdale)

JU88 M2+CK (nr Lennoxtown)

Hawker Hurricane Z5145 (Woods, Westerdale)*

Hawker Hurricane KX190 (Steng Moss)

Supermarine Spitfire R7154 (Sandwood Bay)

Short Sunderland P9622 (Moors, Caithness and Sutherland)


Crashsites I have failed to reach or failed to find anything-aka Failures!
(an asterisk denotes I have since returned and found the site)

Airspeed Oxford N4592 (Lammerlaw)

ANEC Misselthrush G-EBRI (Broadlaw)

Avro Anson DJ453 (Cross Fell)*

Avro Anson DJ453 (Cross Fell)*

Avro Anson N5094 (Cheviot)

Avro Anson N4939 (Mullach Buidhe)

Avro Anson EF820 (A ' Chruach)*

Avro Anson DJ178(East Scaraben)

Avro Lancaster W4233 (Crookstaff Hill)

Avro Lancaster KB701 (Helmsley Moor)

Avro Tutor K3422 (Green Hill)

Blackburn Botha L6539 (Cairnsmore of Fleet)

Blackburn Botha L6531 (Hazleton Rig)

Bristol Beaufighter EL335 (Hill of Wirren)

Bristol Blenheim Z3650 (Creachan Rocks)

Bristol Blenheim L8613 (Aikengall)

Bristol Blenheim  L1117 (Bransdale Moor)

Consolodated B24 Liberator BZ720 (NE Scotland, Berriedale area)*

DH Mosquito G-AGGF (Glen Esk)

DH60 Moth G-AARE (Cross Fell)

DH60 Moth G-AARE (Cross Fell)

DH60 Moth G-ACGD (broadlaw)*

DH60 Moth G-ACGD (Broadlaw)(2nd attempt)*

Dornier Do217 US+DL (Madam Law)*

Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante G-HGGS (Carn a Choire Odhair)*

Fairey Barracuda PM870 (Col Bheinn)*

Fairey Battle L4997 (Lamb Hill)

Fairey Swordfish L9785 (Hill of Wirren)

Fairey Swordfish V2554 (Calder Dam)

Fairy Swordfish (?????) (Carron Bridge)

Grumman Avenger FN772 (Skeroblin)

Grumman Avenger FN867 (Cnoc nan Gabhar)

Handley Page Halifax NR126 (Shill Moor)*

Handley Page Halifax JD105 (Hood Hill)

Handley Page Halifax LW334 (Black Hambledon)

Handley Page Hampden ??(Hill of Wirren)

Hawker Hind K6634 (Wee Queensbury)

Hawker Hurricane P3901 (Scarrowmanwick Fell)

Hawker Hurricane V7534 (Great Rundale Tarn)

Hawker Hurricane P3901 (Scarrowmannick Fell)2016

Hawker Hurricane V6868 (The Beacon)

Hawker Hurricane ??(Hill of Wirren)

Hawker Hurricane V6938 (Bawhelps)*

Hawker Hurricane V6687 (Thrashiedene)

Hawker Hurricane KZ398 (Shalloch an Minnoch)

Hawker Hurricane KZ674 (Shalloch an Minnoch)

Hawker Hurricane V7619 (Allenheads)

Hawker Sea Fury VW590 (East Wirren)*

Hawker Sea Hawk WV845 (Nr Brora)*

Lockheed Hudson N7325 (Wildboar Scar)*

Lockheed Hudson N7235 (Loch Braden)*

Mcdonnel Douglas Phantom XV477 (Thack Moor)*

North American F86 Sabre XB610 (Glen Gheallaidh)

Sepecat Jaguar XX728 or XX731 (Black Fell)*

Supermarine Spitfire W3244 (Bullhope Law)*

Supermarine Spitfire R6891 (Black lough)

Supermarine Spitfire K9888 (Great Dunn Fell)*

Supermarine Spitfire X4241 (Maddie Moss)

Supermarine Spitfire NH700 (Dove Crag)*

Supermarine Spitfire R7202 (Darden Rig)*

Supermarine Spitfire P8587 (Bellyside Hill)*

Supermarine Spitfire R6606 (Wolf Crags)

Supermarine Spitfire R7198 (Beinn nan Cuithean)

Supermarine Spitfire AD230 (White Moss Fell)

Vickers Wellington R1093 (Carn Garbh)*

Vickers Wellington HX420 (Earsach Hill)

Vickers Wellington HX420 (2nd attempt)

Westland Wessex XT674 (Ben More)



All England Championships 2015

Supermarine Spitfire AD540 (Cairnsmore of Carsphairn)

2017 Walking Holiday(CC17)

2018 Walking Holiday(CC18)

2019 Walking Holiday(CC19)

2020 Walking Holiday(CC20)

German Aerial Mine + V1 craters (Featherbed Moss)



Crashsites visited by Stuart Whittaker and Chris Spencer.

AW Whitley LA837 (Cromdale Hills)-Chris Spencer

AW Whitley N1500 (Hill of Foundland)-Chris Spencer

North American F86 Sabre XB610 (Glen Gheallaidh)-Stuart and Chris