Mosquito G-AGGF in Glen Esk.
(Distance covered = 14.5 mile/Ascent =+844m)

There's a few competitions at Forfar every year, a couple of which are championships; championships mean I have a little more time to try and reach the more remote wrecks, one of which is the BOAC Mosquito in Glen Esk.

Right up the top end of Glen Esk at Invermark there is a car park, there is no public vehicles allowed past this point. The Glen splits into two here, Glen Mark and Glen Lee, the Mosquito wreck is reached by following Glen Lee for a further 12kms although 10 of those are on a Landy track, wish I'd brought the bike!

Not a bad place to end up, graveyard nest to the small Kirk at the head of Loch Lee

Straight away after leaving the Pug I could see that the heavy snowfalls from the previous winter had not shifted from here yet and there was no doubt the wreck would still be buried, but as I had just acquired new hiking boots and was keen to try them out I continued along the side of Loch Lee.

Loch Lee with Inchgrundle Farm in the trees at the far end.

As well as trying out the new boots I figured I could do a recce and get a good idea of how much time would be needed to reach the wreck site, and whether fetching the mountain bike next time could be beneficial and also there might be one or two good photo opportunities.

A mirror like Loch Lee reflecting Craig Dullet

Craig Turner also in reflective mood

nearing the western end of Loch Lee

Once past Inchgrundle farm at the far end of Loch Lee the Landy track gradually disappeared under an increasingly deep layer of snow. I was hoping to reach The Stables of Lee at least but ran out of time 2 mile short, just as the track and the Glen turn north to skirt around the northern slopes of Hunt Hill.

Heading up Glen Lee. Hunt Hill in the centre distance

Saying as I only made it halfway I would definitely have to make use of the bike on my next visit. One interesting thing I noticed on the cliff faces was icicles that must have been about 10ft long, its a shame I didn't have a zoom lens with me to get a photo of those.

The Water of Unich and The Falls of Unich between The Brides Bed and Gryp's Chamber on the left and Earn Craig, Bruntwood Craig and Dog Hillocks on the right, there's probably a meaning to all those names.

Heading back towards Inchgrundle Farm

I didn't return to Glen Esk until a year later and this time I had my Bike to save time and it was sunny, and there was no snow, or so I thought. I made it to the point where I turned back last time in half the time and I knew I would save a lot more time on the way back, all downhill, so it was looking good for reaching the Mosquito!

The Water of Lee making its way below wolf crag on the right

Once past The Stables of Lee I began to encounter remnants of snowbanks so I started to have doubts that the wreck site would be clear, but the track was clear and I'd come this far so might as well go and have a look.
 About half a mile north of the wreck site I ditched the bike and headed for the baelach between Drumhilt and Easter Balloch where the wreck site is located, I was then given a reminder of why you should always go into the mountains prepared for any weather.

Blizzard that came from nowhere.

Luckily it only lasted 10 minutes

After the Blizzard passed I continued up the slope for a short while but it soon became apparent that the odds on the wreck site being clear of snow were not very good at all so I called it a day and started back down to the bike.

Thick snow covering above Little Coire Breac. The Mosquito wreck is in the area on the horizon in the centre of the photo.

 As expected it took me a fraction of the time on the way back and the brakes were used more than the pedals. Looking forward to another attempt at this one soon and with two practice runs under my belt I'm confident I will reach it next time,so long as there's no snow!