Gloster Meteor VT239 on Philpin Sleights.
(Distance covered =  0.8 mile/Ascent =+31m)

 "The cold doesn't bother me anyway"; well usually it doesn't, but after spending a rather cold night in a layby on the moors above Slaidburn I woke the following morning to find that although it was sunny it was still bitterley cold.

I set off walking from where I'd parked near The Cross of Breet across to Burn Moor with the intention of visiting the crashsites of Gloster Meteor VZ418 and then Blackburn Skua L2929 which was a little further north. I didn't get far before I encountered a large boggy area which was frozen because it was so cold.

Parked up on the moors above Slaidburn.

I started off across the bog probing with my walking poles to find firm ground but I was decieved by an area of spaggy moss which appeared firm enough to stand on but was actually just frozen, so as soon as I put my weight on it I sunk up to my knee. I was already wearing two t-shirts, two jumpers and two coats and I still wasn't warm and I now had a very wet and frozen foot so I decided to leave this walk for a warmer day and headed back to the car.

Ingleborough, one of three hills in the Yorkshire three peaks challenge.

After following the sat nav home for a few miles I drove through the village of Ingleton and then north on the B6255, this route took me past another Gloster Meteor crashsite that was quite near to the road, and as I had thawed out considerably thanks to the Shitroen's heater I decided to stop and have a look.

The path to Ingleborough, I didn't need to follow this very far.

The only bit of climbing involved in reaching this one.

This crashsite may prove interesting for any budding geologists as well, as it lay on a limestone pavement that had been seriously eroded by rain and now resembled a giant Curley Wurly when viewed from above and the sides of some of the rocks resembled air cooled cylinder heads.

above and below:-The area on Philpin Sleights where Meteor VT239 crashed.

above and next two photos:- Ribblehead Viaduct viewed from Philpin Sleights.

above and below:-Depression and smashed rocks marking the spot where VT239 dove vertically into the ground.

More crashsite photos.

'Cylinder Head shaped rocks'

above and next 3 photos:-Some photos of a village taken on the way home.