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December 31, 2019
roger hendry--

Hi, interesting read, thank you - we did fuselage gulley in the mid 80s on a 
pretty driech day - it was fine when I left Aberdeen very early in the day but was 
tipping it down by the time we had breakfast in Torridon - BnB lady Mrs MacLean 
remembered the crash.
We hid in a cave near the Loch whilst we had our sandwiches then, fairly well 
soaked,scrambled around the wreckage, including some Merlins and a mainwheel, before
proceeding up fuselage gulley. We were all pilots so had considerable interest in 
the aircraft.Some of us were flying for British Airways Highland Division on the HS748
and were well into the Action Stations books - often scanning for various wrecks 
as we flew around Scotland. I more recently flew with a mate over Beinn Eighe but
had not studied it much at the time so didn’t have enough time to identify
fuselage gulley. On climbing the gulley we were a bit concerned about the instability
and slippery nature of what appeared to be large quartzite blocks from the summit -
we found a gauge and oxygen bottle in the gulley. I was pleased to get off to
the right before the summit onto more secure ground - if I recall correctly,
we had a view of the tail and tail gunners hatch just below the summit - 
as you mentioned, the crew very nearly missed it and may well havejust missed
some of the other peaks before their luck gave out.We wondered whether the crew
may have had icing and possibly other technical issues which may have distracted them -
even our HS (previously Avro) 748 had few real advancements over the Lancaster - 
it having been built in the same factory in Woodford. Whilst training there in 1985, 
there was even a Lancaster undergoing a rebuild at the factory until the hangar roof
collapsed on it...!! We mostly ended up flying internationally for BA and I personally 
have ended up in Australia where I,m involved with various historic aircraft -
see - we are trying to keep an Australian-built P51 / CA18 flying and so
are well versed with the magnificent RR (ours is Packard-built) Merlin V1650-7 - 
see We very much reverethe engine and aircraft but most of all
the young lads who gave so much - we think of them every time we fly the aircraft...
I could write much more but 2020 awaits....! 
Have a Great New Year, cheers, roger hendry

August 01, 2019

Jean Livingstone--

I remember visiting this site when I was a child. It was a mile up the road 
from the farm I lived at. I was taken there when the first was quite young, 
I found the mossy hole where the plane went down but did not see any wreckage 
about eight or nine years ago when the forest had been felled.  I think the first time 
I went was prior to 1974 but this is the first time I have seen a story on the crash.  
I have found this very interesting. Thank you.

March 04, 2019

Matt Chamberlain--
Ben Hutig Whitley 
Been a long time since i visited this site, still much left ?
My grandfather was the WOPAG on this aircraft and survived it unbelievably !

December 24, 2018

David Mcvety--

Love your website especially the photos of your way to the crash sites. can't wait to start my Scottish wreck hunting,with the help of your site

November 27, 2018

Iain Adam--

I am a life member of the SGC at Portmoak one of our tugs crashed into the Bishop Hill and a glider. In around 1980 a twin engined aircraft flew into the Bishop at night time. There may be more..... I have climbed the Bishop many times and soared it for many hours over many years.

October 23, 2018

David Waite--

Thank you for the information about Sea Hurricane NF684. The pilot was Walter Maw, 
who attended Brigg Grammar school. He left school in 1940 having been cricket captain,
 Head Boy and a keen violinist.		 
Mathew Rowe--

"Excellent site I run my own little blog on sites I visit in Wales and the Borders And 
would love to be able to see some of the sites in Scotland Only done 2 so far oh and
love the attitude to magpies im the same keepup the site and happy hunting"
November 11, 2017

James Kesson-- 
"I want to thank you so much for posting these pictures of the F100 Super
My father was 1st Lt Richard Warren Kesson who I believe was the pilot of this plane.
He crashed in 1960 when I was 2 years old.
I have been looking online for some evidence of where he crashed for a long time.
This was very emotional for me as well as my mother and sister.
Now I know where his plane is I am going to go there with my sister.
My mother is 83 and too old to make the trip.
If you have any more information that you could share it would be greatly appreciated."
January 06, 2017

Suzanne Alexander--
"Fantastic website. Very informative with cracking photos in every report."

January 06, 2017

"Checking it out for you!!"

March 11, 2017

"Inspired me to find something to do while my daughter is highland dancing!
Let the adventure begin..."