2019 Walking Holiday, aka CC19a, CC19b and CC19c.

After having such a succesfull holiday in 2018 we arranged to do the same in the summer holidays of 2019 which of course we christened CC19. But then I decided to go back to Skye during the easter holidays to finish off my visit to the F111 crashsite on Sgurr na Stri, which I'd been forced to abandon on CC18 due to bad weather. Stuart managed to persuade his wife to let him come along as well so we planned a long weekend and christened that CC19a, CC19 thus becoming CC19b!

On the ferry to Skye during CC19a.

We didn't plan CC19b to be as hectic as CC18; where we'd rushed around trying to fit in as many crashsites as possible, instead we'd incorporated a couple of days off and our 'to do' list wasn't as long. We had also planned to revisit a few crashsites, some of which were 'ftf's' from 2018 and some where we knew there were more bits to be found.

Back on Cranstackie during CC19b.

On the ferry to Orkney during cc19b.

On one of our days off I set myself the task of acquiring a photo of myself beside a roadsign for the village of 'Twatt' on Orkney. Unfortunately after driving around the village a couple of times I could find no roadsigns; I eventually had to settle for a photo beside a sign I found in one of the shops in Kirkwall. While talking to a local at the Kirkwall Vintage Car Rally I found out the reason I couldn't find a roadsign was because they were repeatedly stolen and the Council had given up on replacing them.

Shopping in Kirkwall.

 After completing CC19a and CC19b we hatched another plan to go back to a few more crashsites during october half term and that became CC19c.

Below is a list of the crashsites we visited, if they're coloured yellow you can click on the aircraft name to visit the webpage.

Confirmed(c) being where we found a piece of the aircraft or a memorial in the area of the crashsite, Probables(p) are when we knew we were at the right place but there are none of the above. FtF's= failed to find!


Day 1-Avro Shackleton XF702-c

Day 1-Consolidated B-24 41-29369-c

Day 1-Hawker Hunter XK151-c(2nd visit)

Day 2-General Dynamics F111 70-2377-c(2nd visit)

Day 3-Boeing B-17 44-83325-c


Day 1-Supermarine Spitfire R6886-ftf

Day 1-Avro Lancaster PD259-(walk in)

Day 2-Avro Lancaster PD259-c(2nd visit)

Day 3-Airspeed Oxford V3910-c

Day 3-Hawker Sea Hawk WM989-c

Day 4-Vickers Warwick BV512-c(2nd visit)

Day 4-Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante G-HGGS-ftf(2nd search)

Day 4-AW Whitley BD295-c (2nd visit)

Day 4-Avro Anson R9583-c(2nd visit)

Day 5-General Dynamics F111 72-1447-c

Day 6-DH Mosquito DZ486-c(2nd visit)

Day 7-Short Sunderland P9622-ftf(2nd search)

Day 7-Fairy Barracuda MX691-c

Day 8-Avro Anson DJ178-ftf

Day 9-Consolidated B-24 BZ720-c

Day 10-Kirkwall Vintage Rally

Day 11-Chance Vought Corsair JT461-c

Day 11-Consolidated B24 FL949-c

Day 12-Fairy Albacore BF592-c

Day 12-Lockheed Hudson N6310-c

Day 12-Junkers Ju88 3D+EK-c

Day 13-Waiting for the ferry.


preliminary plan

Day 1-Hawker Hunter WT721

Day 1-AW Whitley LA877

Day 2-Vickers Wellington L7867

Day 3-Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante G-HGGS-c(3rd search)