A quickie.
General Dynamics F-111 72-1447 on Creag Dhonn
(August 2019)
(Distance covered =  3.3 mile/Ascent =+150m)

 Day 5 of my 2019 walking holiday aka CC19b. Agenda for the day was a relatively short walk to visit the crashsite of an American F111; then after that, relocate quite a distance to the far north west coast ready for another expedition up Cranstackie on day 6.

Today was a bit of a bonus walk we had fitted in to our itinerary; we didn't really expect to find anything as it was a more modern crash, but there was a distinct crater visible on sat images immedately adjacent to a landrover track and not far from the nearest metalled road, so there was nothing to lose quickly nipping up to check it out.

Parked up and ready to go in Strathconon.

View down the higher reaches of Strathconon.

Stuart, his daughter Chloe and Chris; if we gain a 4th member we might need to think of a name for our group, but until then I shall refer to us as the 3 Amigos or in the case of today, the 3.5 amigos.

I love climbing deer fences; fortunately this one had ladders.

When we arrived at the crater that was visible on the sat image we were a bit dissapointed to find absolutely nothing in it, indeed it appeared to have been caused more by peat erosion than a big American jet. Not to far away however on the other side of a small burn we did find something caused by a big American jet.

Above and below:-Large scar containg some sizeable lumps of F-111.

More wreckage photos.

As Chris had only joined us for our bonus trip to the F111; after we'd strolled back to the cars, he headed off home, while we struck off for the North West coast. On the way we called by to have a look at the Corrieshalloch Gorge and the Falls of Measach before embarking on the rather spectacular drive up to Oldshoremore, where we were going to camp ready to tackle Cranstackie the following day.