No Parking
Percival Prentice G-AOLR on The Banns
(Distance covered = 2.6 mile/Ascent = +229m)

 A crashsite I visited on one of our numerous visits to the Westpark Monthly Competition held at Denny Highschool.

As the girls were off to Canada the following day so that Heather could compete in the 2013 Scotdance Canadian Highland Dancing Championships and as I was driving them to Gatwick Airport, dropping them off then driving to Aviemore to start a week of Hillwalking and wreckhunting while they were away, I decided to do an easy walk on this day.

Heading up the farmtrack towards the Banns.

 This was actually my third attempt at reaching this crashsite, the other two attempts failed before I'd even parked the car. The first time because the road was blocked with rather a lot of snow and the second time because not long after said snow had melted I tried to park my car on the verge beside the road, where it became stuck, half on the road, half on the verge. I at first told the farmer who pulled me out with his tractor that I had swerved to avoid another car but when he queried how he hadn't seen another car on the road all day I had to come clean and tell him I'd foolishley tried to park there.

This was a small Civilian plane, there is not much left to see.

On my third attempt I parked the car about a 1/4 mile down the road on a tarmac'd layby,  it wasn't very far to go to reach the Prentice crashsite in fact the whole walk there and back was probably not much more than than 2 mile. including the extra bit to avoid becoming stuck in a ditch again.

above and next 6 photos:-A few pieces are collected together near a small burn below the Banns.

Although this crashsite was more at the bottom of the hill than on the hill there was still some good views, especially across to Glasgow.
The walk did get a bit more interesting on the way back when I cut through some woods not realising there was a herd of Highland Cattle in there, the wild looking shaggy cows with the very long pointy horns, and they had babies. A diversion was quickly implemented before they had time to decide whether or not it was worth chasing the intruder.