The Vanishing II
Vickers Warwick HG136 on Cairn Hill, Cheviot.
(Distance covered = 9 mile/Ascent =+665m)

 One of the crashsites in the Cheviot Hills that I visited numerous times in the 1980/90's. I was back again in 2013, when I used it as a training walk to give relatives of one of the Crew of a Wellington crash in Scotland an idea of what would be needed to reach their Uncle's crashsite.

Another crashsite in the Cheviot Hills that I've visited quite a few times is a B-17 on Braydon Crag*, which is only a mile or so from the Warwick. On my last visit to the B-17; which was in 2016, I had been saddened to see how much had dissapeared since my first visit back in 1981, unfortunately this proved to be the case with the Warwick as well.

A much younger and thinner version of me on an earlier visit to the Warwick, the tip of the tailplane that I am holding is no longer there.

This door frame is also no longer there, most of the large sections seen behind have also been removed.

Again, the piece I am holding is now missing, as is the tailwheel assembly in front of me.

Above 1988 and below 2016:-This burial pit which used to be full of geodetics now only contains water.

One of my very first visits to Cairn Hill, my Alsation, 'Kim' is still a Pup on this photo, beside her is the tailwheel assembly.

Above and below:-As well as a lot of stuff being removed/stolen, a lot has also been damaged, for example this self sealing fuel tank, 1980's above and 2013 below.

Above and below:-In addition to suffering from the attention of souvenier hunters and vandals; not helped by the crashsite's close proximity to the Pennine Way, parts are also gradually dissapearing into the boggy ground, a good example of this is a large section of wing shown above in the 1980's and below in 2013. I called by this wreck in 2016 as well and this section had almost completely dissapeared into the bog.

In 2013 I was contacted by Glynis and Meredith who were the Neice and Nephew of Joe Wetherson, Joe was Air Observer on Vickers Wellington L7845** which crashed on a Hillside in Angus. Glynis and Meredith had seen photos on the Air Crashsites Scotland website, that I had taken when I visited L7845's crashsite the year previous. They contacted me for advice on reaching the crashsite as they wanted to lay a plaque in their Uncle's memory.

What I believe is the most pictueresque waterfall in Northumberland, secreted away up the higher reaches of the Harthope Valley.

As it turned out they lived less than 10 mile from where I live, so I suggested that I could accompany them on their visit and also that we could arrange a training walk before hand. I suggested the Warwick on Cairn Hill as it was a similar distance and at a similar altitude.

Glynis and Meredith approaching the head of the Harthope Valley, the Hill in the background is Hedgehope Hill.Considering he was 72 at the time Meredith did exceptionally well to reach the Warwick and ultimately his Uncle's Wellington, on two occasions.

Pieces of Fuel tank lying to the north of the Pennine Way, these pieces are hidden on the other side of the Pennine Way to the crashsite and so have remained relatively untouched( and unremoved).

Glynis and Meredith approaching the crashsite, the mysterious third person following them is in fact a large fencepost.

Another view of the self sealing fuel tank. now with the rubber covering ripped off.

above and next 15 photos:-Some of the remaning wreckage on Cairn Hill,as of 2013.

*--B-17, Braydon Crag

**--Wellington L7845