One of those days!.
Supermarine Spitfire R7198 on Beinn nan Cuithean.
(Distance covered =  5.0 mile/Ascent =+344m)

 Day 14 of my 2018 walking holidays and my first day of walking on the Isle of Skye. In fact it was the first time I'd ever set foot on the Isle of Skye.

Going off the map it looked like it was going to be a pretty easy walk to reach the area where the Spitfire crashed. The weather was going to make sure it wasn't, as it appeared my good luck with the weather didn't work on Skye.

Parked above the drop into Talisker.

I parked the car beside a cattle grid just before the road took a sharp decent down to Talisker. This meant a bit farther to walk but it avoided having to climb back up the very steep slopes of Leathad Beithe.

Heading through the gloom towards Preshal More .

Right from the off it was chucking it down with rain and the visiblity wasn't too clever either but I set off in the hope that it might improve, and even if it didn't it wasn't too great a distance to walk anyways.

At least all the rain made for some impressive waterfalls.

Because of all the rain the Sleadale Burn, which ran from Loch Sleadale down to Talisker, was very much in spate and impossible to cross safely. I started following the burn south looking for a possible crossing place which I eventually found over 1km upstream.

I maybe's could have crossed here with a running jump but kept going upstream to a safer spot.

After managing to cross the burn I found myself farther from the crashsite than the crashsite was from the road, so I began backtracking but had to make further diversions after encountering tributaries running into the Sleadale Burn,.

Another diversion required, thankfully nowhere near as big as the first one.

By the time I was in the area where the Spitfire was believed to have crashed I had resigned myself to the fact it was just going to be one of those days, so it came as no surprise that after searching around in the mist and rain for about 3 hours I found absolutely nothing.

The area where Spitfire R7198 is beleved to have crashed.

To avoid having to make all the diversions again walking back to the car I decided to take my chances with Leathad Beithe, so took a more direct route to the north which was a lot more straightforward until it came to the afore mentioned steep bit, which was very steep.

Waterfall on the side of Leathad Beithe.

Talisker Bay from Leathad Beithe.