2020 Walking Holiday aka CC20.

 It was doubtfull whether or not I would get away for my walking holiday in Scotland during 2020 thanks to the COVID19 carry on; but luckily Nicola of the Sturgeon opened Scotland just in time for the start of the summer holidays.

As in CC19 I was being joined by Stuart and his Daughter Chloe for CC20 and as in 2019 we met at the Snack Shack in Dalmally to partake in the rather nice full Scottish Breakfast. A fine way to start 14 days of hillwalking!

Setting off on our first walk of CC20.

We did have a sort of plan for the crashsites we were going to visit on CC20 but that was ammended a few times to suit where we could find somewhere to camp; and in the case of the day after an epic ridge walk on Beinne Eighe, to allow us to recharge our batteries.

On the Beinne Eighe Ridge, heading for the crashsite of Lancaster TX264.

We were very lucky with the weather and only suffered one soaking when we went to visit the crashsite of a Hawker Hunter on a hill called 'The Scalp' and indeed I was at last able to enjoy the spectacular views from the tops of Beinne Eighe at the fourth time of trying.

One downside of the trip was the proliferation of Midges, on one night we sat on the beach at Gairloch watching the sun set while drinking some red wine, unfortunately the effects of the wine made me oblivious to the fact I was being mauled by the little bastards. Then there was the carpark at Ichnadamph!


Crashsites we searched for during CC20:-

AW Whitley N1498 - c

NA F86 Sabre XB610 - ftf

AW Whitley P5006 - c

Junkers Ju188 - A6+HH - c

Airspeed Oxford N4735 - c

Supermarine Seafire SW826 - c

Vickers Wellington HF746 - c

Hawker Hunter XG261 - c

Sepecat Jaguar - ftf

Avro Lancaster TX264 - c

Avro Anson N9857 - c

Supermarine Spitfire R7154 - p

Fairy Albacore N4172 - c

Gloster Meteor WL336 - c

Bristol Blenheim T1863 - c

Vickers Wellington R1646 - c

Supermarine Walrus W3023 - c

Fairy Albacore N4167 - ftf*- c


Click on the Aircraft title to see webpage if it's yellow, if it's white the page is still under construction. C = A bit of the aircraft or a memorial was found at the crashsite, P = We were sure we were at the right spot but there was nothing to be found. ftf = Failed to find.

*--I returned a few weeks later to this one after Stuart went up and found it a week after my first visit.