Little Fat Kid
Avro Lancaster ED481 on Hawnby Hill.
(Distance covered = 0.3 mile/Ascent =+3m)

My visit to an Avro Lancaster on Hawnby Hill in North Yorkshire proved to be a bit of a challenge. The challenge wasn't about reaching the crashsite but more about how to justify it,s inclusion on my website, as my daughter wasn't dancing anywhere on that day(due to the fact she hadn't been born yet) and the Hill in question is nowhere near scotland.

But as I've mentioned before it's my website so I can bend the rules if I want and as it was one of only two occasions my eldest son Stuart has accompanied me on one of my wreckhunting expeditions I decided that qualified it for inclusion.

I wasn't actualy planning a hiking trip to a crashsite on this occasion, we had ventured out for the day for a drive down to Whitby via the North York Moors. Stuart was well into Thomas the Tank engine at the time and liked to visit
the Engine Sheds at Grosmont. While having a drive around I noticed Hawnby Hill marked on the map and remembered that there was a crashsite near there, so accidently took a couple of wrong turns to end up in the vicinity.

Stuart looking very happy at finding the remains of the Lancaster

Once I'd parked as near to the the crashsite as I could I explained to the wife that the dog needed some exercise and that there was a crashsite on the nearby hill, so I could kill two birds with one stone. My wife had accompanied me once before on one of my wreckhunting excursions so there was no way she was going to make that mistake twice, so she opted to wait in the car leaving me,the little fat kid and Sharni, our old retreiver, to go ourselves.

Stuart(4 at the time,now 22) wasn't as fat as he looks in these photos, his mam had simply made sure he wouldn't get cold on our epic trek to the crashsite.

I didn,t have a grid ref for the crashsite of the Lancaster but remembered a photo I had seen of the remaining wreckage with Hawnby Hill in the background. We therefore set off walking keeping one eye on the Hill until it lined up with what I remembered in the photo and 200yards from the car we found the remains of Lancaster ED481.