DH Mosquito MM551 in Bratley Wood

This was actualy one of the first crashsites I visited back in the early 1980's but until recently I had all but forgotten about it as I couldn't remember which aircraft it was or indeed where it was other than somewhere in the New Forest.

A photo of Bratley woods from the internet(original author unknown)

It wasn't until Stuart, my walking buddy and chief researcher mentioned that he  might be going to the New Forest that I had recollections of visiting a crashsite there over 40 years ago. I was only 15 at the time and had been to Biggen Hill to have some tests to see if I was suitable to enter the RAF as a fighter pilot. I passed most of those tests but failed the eyesight one because I was colour blind. After leaving Biggen Hill instead of jumping on the train back to Newcastle I got on a Train to Bournemouth as I was going to spend a week staying with family friends in Christchurch.

Although this is not a photo of Bratley woods, it is very similar in appearance to the area where I found Mosquito remains.(photo sourced from internet, original author unknown)

 Unfortunately I didn't possess a camera at the time so have no photos of the visit and all I could remember was getting off a bus, crossing a busy road and going into some woods, where after passing a large herd of Deer I went into an open area of trees and found some pieces of the Mosquito. This information however was enough for Stuart to quickly identify both the Aircraft and the location.

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