Following in the footprints of Rodney.

DH Dragon Rapide G-AFMF on Simonburn Common.
(Distance covered =  4.2 mile/Ascent =+77m)

 I wasn't planning on going for a walk but Heather; my daughter, had some new hiking boots and she wanted to try them out; so I saw the opportunity to sneak in another crashsite.

As well as having Heather for company I also had Blueberry Esmerelda Muffin III; who loves a walk but can't go too far because she only has little legs. She would also struggle to do any heather bashing (The plant not the daughter) so I chose a walk that I thought would be 'Pug freindly'.

Heather and Muffin, my company for this walk.

I had planned on doing this walk on 3 previous occasions, each time being on the way home from visiting another crashsite, but each time I failed for various reasons; one of which was I forgot to take the map!. Today I thought I might fail again as the only place to park appeared to be in the carpark for Broccolitia Roman Fort: trouble was it wasn't free and we hadn't taken along any coins to put in the parking meter. Luckily I found a small grassy area which had the added bonus of being at the end of the grassy lane we needed to use to access the moor; and it was free!

Handy little grassy area to park the car. Our route was up the grassy lane in the background.

Muffin enjoying a bit of freedom before entering the sheep fields.

To reach the Dragon Rapide's crashsite didn't involve too much distance, didn't involve too many contour lines and didn't involve going through any heather so the little Pug was able to manage the walk quite easily. The weather was beautiful and the going was also very good, in fact compared to some walks I've done I would describe it as 'luxurious'.

Above and below:- Lovely grassy fields and farm tracks to walk along.

Halfway there.

Most of the distance involved in reaching this crashsite was through lovely grassy fields or along farm tracks, apart from the last half a mile which was across moorland; but even that was pretty easy going. We managed to walk right past the crashsite without spotting the wreckage which was quite an acheivement considering the grass was pretty well grazed by the sheep, but we only had to back track for about 20 metres before we found it.

End of the farm track and start of the moorland.

Area where the Dragon Rapide crashed.

Above and below:-Muffin looking well pleased with herself for finding her first crashsite.

More crashite photos

Standing in the only available shade; my shadow.

A good photo apart from two things:-(1)-The wind has blown Heather's hair so that it looks like a monobrow and (2)-The Pug looks like she's doing a nazi salute. 

This short section might be a tadge muddier on a wet day, but today it was roasting hot so it was all dried up.

Approaching Stooprig Farm on the way back to the car.

Looking well pleased with themselves after a very enjoyable walk.