A bit of a Picnic
Fairey Firefly DT977 on Blaeloch Hill.
(Distance covered = 6.5 mile/Ascent +284m)

 We're often up at Glasgow for competitions and not too far away from Glasgow are the Hills of the Clyde Muirsheil Country Park, where there a quite a few crashsites.

The first crashsites I visited in the Clyde Muirsheil Park were on Irish Law and Box Law, to reach these I parked on the A760 Kilbernie to Largs Road at Blairpark and headed north. Today I parked about 1km west of Blairpark and headed south.

Notice Board giving details about the Firefly crash.

There was ample parking beside a large double gate which was at the start of the access road up into the Kilburn Wind Farm. All I had to do was follow this access road all the way onto Blaeloch Hill where it terminated at an Electricity Sub Station.

In the middle of the Wind Farm

It wasn't a Championship at Glasgow therefore it probably wouldn't last as long so I took my Bike to save a bit of time, as is usually the case I ended up pushing it uphill most of the way on the outward leg.

Nearing the Substation, seen to the left of the windturbine, the Firefly wreck is just behind the small hill on the right.

Once I reached the Substation I chained my bike to a notice board that was beside a wooden picnic table, this is the only crashsite I have visited that has a conveniantly placed Picnic Table for me to sit and eat my Butties. The Firefly crashsite was only about 100yrds away.

The crashsite, some pieces are scattered almost down to the windturbine.

I have mentioned a few times before about how it is becoming increasingly difficult to take a photograph in the Scottish Hills without there being a windfarm in the background, well technically none of the photos I took on Blaeloch had a windfarm in the background because I was in the middle of the Windfarm.

Above and next 34 photos:-Although a lot has been removed there is still considerable
Firefly wreckage on Blaeloch Hill.

above and 2 below:-Some pieces scattered down near the Windturbine

above and below right:-One of the u/c legs

Above and two photos below:-The Rolls Royce Griffon Engine is slowly sinking into the soft ground.

This is another part that can be found at three of the Firefly crashsites
I have visited.(see here) (and here)

I found quite a few of these on Lochnagar.(see here)

above and below:-Some parts of the Firefly were constructed like a Battleship!

An identical part as this can be found on Lochnagar and Meickle Bin.(see here) (and here)

The largest piece remaining is one of the tailplanes.

After taking photographs of everything I then had to tackle the gruelling slog back to where I left my Bike which took all of 3 minutes, then I sat at the picnic table to eat my sandwiches before heading down the hill to the car. It took me about an hour and a half from the car to the substation but only 10 minutes back, so taking the Bike definately saved me some time!