Dismal Darnaw.
D H Dragonfly G-AEHC on Darnaw.
(Distance covered =  1.65 mile/Ascent =+146m)

 A little bit of an outing one weekend in the late Autumn of 2021; on the saturday I enjoyed quite reasonable weather while having another wander around on Cairnsmore of Fleet looking for remains of a Blackburn Botha.

On the sunday the weather was not so favourable, for want of a better word it was pissing down!. My initial plan to go looking for four crashsites on a hill called Shalloch an Minnoch was quickly scuppered by a combination of poor weather and the Splinty Burn which I encountered only five minutes after leaving the car
 The Splinty Burn was swollen, and despite walking for quite a distance up and downstream I was unable to find anywhere safe to cross. If I was about 20 years younger I may have been able to jump the burn but on this day my dodgy knees dictated otherwise, so I reverted to plan B and headed off to a hill called Darnaw to do a much shorter walk that didn't involve crossing any burns.

The Shitroen parked in a gravel laybye on a forrestry track below Darnaw.

As there were no gates on any of the forestry tracks below Darnaw I cheated a little and drove up one, parking in a gravel laybye about half a mile from the public road which made this short walk even shorter, but as it was such a miserable day that really didn't bother me.

Above and below:-Heading off towards the crashsite of a DH Dragonfly on Darnaw.

Bit of a view back over Clatteringshaws Loch on the way up.

Most of the route I was taking was through recently felled forestry, which usually means very tough going but luckily I was able to follow the remnants of a forestry track for most of the way which made progress a lot easier. I was hoping the weather might improve a bit so I could acquire some nice photos of the crashsite memorial which sits on the top of a ridge with impressive views on offer behind it but alas it wasn't to be.

Dismal conditions on Darnaw.

More crashsite photos.