Avro Lancaster PD259 on Carn Icean Duibhe.

This image is to illustrate the type only and is not the actual aircraft involved.
from wikimedia commons, original author Alan Wilson.

Belonging to no 463 Squadron, Crashed on 31st August 1944 while on a cross country exercise out of RAF Waddington. The aircraft broke up in mid air scattering wreckage over a large area.

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All of the pieces collected together here would appear to be from one of the Lancaster's wings.


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Pieces scattered around in the peat gullies.


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This gully leading up to the large crater was also full of wreckage.

This large piece looked like it could have been a part of the floor or bomb bay.

Above and next 4 photos:-These large forgings can also be found on Beinn Eighe*. It is from where the undercarriage and engine bearers attach to the engine nacelle. The piece in the next two photos is part of this assembly but has broken off . The 4th photo below shows where these parts were located on the Lancaster wing..

A hydraaulic valve.


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Pieces in and adjacent to the large crater of wreckage.

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More pieces found in July 2019. (And a few more of some bits found on my first visit.)




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