Avro Anson R9583

This image is to illustrate the type only and is not the actual aircaft involved.       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Anson#/media/File:CF15_Avro_Anson_ZK-RRA_040415_01.jpjp


Belongng to No.20 OTU RAF, crashed on 27th July 1940 while descending through cloud during a night time cross country exercise out of RAF Lossiemouth. All on board survived the crash

Information from:-https://www.peakdistrictaircrashes.co.uk

Above and next 24 photos-Remains of the Avro Anson.


above and next 7 photos-The items numbered on these 3 photos of an Anson being restored correspond to the photos of wreckage at the crashsite below*
No3 is that piece I often mention as being present at all the Anson crashsites.