Mcdonnel Douglas F4 Phantom 68-0566

Photo by Alex Staruszkiewicz via

Belonging to the 1st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, USAF. Crashed on 28th March 1979 while on a low level reconnaissance training flight out of RAF Alconbury .*

below:-Pieces found near to Billy Marshall's cave in 2021.

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Avro Anson EG485

Photo from Wikipedia, original author unknown.

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Heinkel HE111 5J+SH

HE111H-4 of 1/KG4, crashed on 9th August 1940 while on a mission to drop mines in the sea off Northern Ireland.

Location of the Phantom crash in relation to the HE111

The red crosses mark what is stone, the rest is melted alluminium.

A comparison of the fasteners on the panel below the eastern slopes and the fasteners to be found at the Heinkel burn out scar on the top of Eastman;s Cairn.

Below are photos of another piece of He111 found below the easterns slopes in 2021 while looking for bits of the Phantom.

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 Avro Anson N5140

Photo from wikipedia, original author unknown.

Belonging to 1 OAFU out of Wigtown. Crashed on 9th July 1944 while practicing a beam approach but struck hill in low cloud. **

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