Avro Lancaster TX264

A photo of Lancaster TX264 painted in Coastal Command colours.**

Crashed on 13th March 1951. Took off from RAF Kinloss on a Navigation Exercise via Cape Wrath. Last message was received from the Aircraft while it was 60 mile north of the Cape. The wrecked Lancaster was eventually found on Beinn Eighe on the 16th March after a boy living in Torridon reported seeing a red flash on the mountain at 02:00 on 13th March, which he had thought nothing of until he read in a newspaper about the missing Lancaster.

Photos taken in the boulders below the Triple Buttress.

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In the lower part of Fuselage Gulley.

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Wreckage at the impact point above the Triple Buttress and in the higher reaches of Fuselage Gully.

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Photos taken on 2020 visit.

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**-- Lancaster TX264 photo sourced from ACSS original author unknown..